Who are we

The Mindgameshop has two owners.

Erika Sziva: Ladies Grandmaster, chesstrainer and entrepreneur.

Erika has won in her active chess career four times the Hungarian women championship and five time the Dutch women championship.

As Chesstrainer she has her own Chess school "Stap vooruit" en she teaches individuals but also to clubs and groups.

If you would like to make an appointment with Erika about teaching you can contact het her at: info@themindgameshop.com.

Robert Klomp: ICT project manager, webdesigner en chess clubplayer\tournament organiser.

Robert works already for many years at a large logistic company and builds websites and has his own buseniss. In the past Robert was boardmember and organiser at chessclub SV de Variant (European champion 1998 and 11 times dutch champion).

If you need advise or have the need for a organiser you can contact Robert at: info@themindgameshop.com.